BROW PASTE 30g, (eyebrow modeling paste) TM AS COMPANY

BROW PASTE 30g, (eyebrow modeling paste) TM AS COMPANY

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It is popular as necessary to the master, soand the newcomer, a special paste for eyebrows that: flawless, clear contour eyebrows at individual points on the face and secure it with the help of applying the paste, the area of the painting remains inside the loop, protects the skin, which should not be painted, from pigmenting action of dyes, shows the client the future shape of the eyebrows, providing the opportunity to work together to adjust to achieve an optimal result. Application: apply a small amount of paste with a brush along the contour of the planned shape, leaving the eyebrow itself and adjacent skin areas, which are also supposed to be painted - inside. Weight: 15 g / 30 g
  • Производитель: ООО Учебный центр П.М. Алины Шаховой.
  • Объем: 25 мл
  • Срок годности: 3 года купить домен и хостинг ломбард краснодар