Clip cord RCA Jack 6.3 reinforced, AS company

Clip cord RCA Jack 6.3 reinforced, AS company

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Suitable for devices: EQUALISER, Fussion, Lotos, OSA (WTE LITTLE PRINCESS), Bishop, EZ, Dragonfly, Stingray, Skinductor, Spektra Halo, Colorica

Clip cord for professional use AS Company is incredible lightness, ease of use and unprecedented durability.

The premium quality silicone sheathed cable provides high flexibility and protects the cord from chemical and mechanical damage. Gold plating provides reliable contact, prevents power loss and power drops during operation, which ensures smooth and stable operation of the machine. A molded connector in a metal case with filling of all voids and soldering points adds special strength, reliability and durability, this protects the wire from kinks and creates resistance to repeated bends. The conductors are made of oxygen-free copper, which protects the wire from copper hydrogen disease, and eliminates the underlying causes of breakage. The cross-section of the core is 0.12mm, the central wire has 7 cores of 0.12mm each, the braid has 48 cores of 0.12mm each

AS Company clipcords are manufactured in accordance with the most modern international standards.

Stop changing wires every 2-6 months, now the wire is not a consumable, but a long-lasting, high-quality product.

Warranty 3 months

Manufacturer: Russia, Training Center P.M. Alina Shakhova.

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