Special Box – AS company remover

Special Box – AS company remover

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AS company Remover is a cosmetic cream-like remedy of a whitecolour. Used for removal (whitening) of permanent makeup, microblading (eyebrows, lips, eyelids –edge lining and shading), tattoo. Removes pigments of any colour and saturation by extracting dye from the skin.

Special Box by Alina Shakhova includes the following products:

  • Remover AS company
  • Pigment thinner MAGIC WATER
  • AS company Cream for the care of permanent make-up and tattoo
  • Free educational video tutorial

Volume: 3 ml.

Absolute contraindications: decompensated forms of diabetes mellitus; severe diseases of internal organs, liver and kidney failure; any chronic diseases during an exacerbation; increased body temperature; the tendency of the skin to form keloid scars; progressive stage of psoriasis, psoriatic eruptions on the face; severe immunodeficiency states, HIV; hemophilia and other diseases, accompanied by a decrease in blood clotting; epilepsy, increased convulsive readiness; severe mental disorders; alcoholic and drug intoxication.

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Preparation of the skin for the lightening (remover) procedure:

  • Treat the skin with an alcohol-free antiseptic.
  • Apply a preliminary (application) anesthesia with an anesthetic content of more than 5%.
  • The recommended exposure is 15-20 minutes.
  • Remove the remaining anesthetic.
  • Excessive skin compaction does not contribute to the effective use of A.Shakhova Remover.Excessive skin compaction does not contribute to the effective use of A.Shakhova Remover.
  • If you do not use anesthesia, it is recommended to moisturize and soften the skin surface with specialized gels and creams for a more comfortable procedure.
  • Before use, it is necessary to shake (mix) the tube for 2-3 minutes to obtain a homogeneous "creamy" consistency.
  • Open the lid and squeeze out the required volume from the A.Shakhova Remover tube into a disposable sterile container (pigment cap).
  • Close the lid tightly to prevent the cream from drying out.
  • If necessary, to obtain a more liquid consistency, Remover A.Shakhova can be diluted with water for injection)
  • To apply Remover A.Shakhova to the skin, it is necessary to use rotary devices for permanent makeup or tattooing. The procedure is similar to applying permanent makeup and tattoos using all techniques (dot, linear, dashed, spiral).
  • Use disposable sterile needles and tips, or carbon modular systems (cartridges).
  • It is recommended to use needle configurations of the Round Shader type (3 RS, 5 RS), or other adaptive configurations for a certain type of operation.
  • Immerse the needle in the container with A.Shakhova Remover, with the machine turned on, to collect the cream. Repeat each time to replenish, in order to avoid working with an "empty needle".
  • Inject the product into the upper layers of the skin using atraumatic techniques. A.Shakhova Remover should be applied only to the places where the pigment is deposited for further interaction. On the area to be removed, perform no more than 2-3 passes of applying the Remover A.Shakhova, in order to avoid excessive traumatization of the skin.
  • From the surface of the skin, lymph, and sucrose, the remover should be wiped using specialized solutions-flushes and gels.
  • At the end of the hardware application, wait for the lymph outflow to stop. Use dry absorbent wipes as a compress.
  • Apply a thin layer of the remover to the entire output surface, wait 3-5 minutes until completely dry.
  • There may be a slight burning and tingling sensation on the treated area of the skin.
  • Repeated procedures are not recommended to be performed earlier than 45 days later.

Care after remover:

  • It is recommended to apply a special moisturizer immediately after the procedure.
  • Daily after the procedure, we recommend applying 2-3 times a day a thin layer of a special absorbent cream enriched with vitamins and oils for 7-10 days to preserve the elasticity of the skin and a comfortable natural healing process.
  • The formed "crusts" can not be peeled off until the moment of natural discharge.
  • You can not visit saunas, solariums (do not sunbathe), swimming pools and open reservoirs, take hot baths (do not steam!), during the entire healing process! Direct contact with water should be avoided for the first 3 days.
  • After peeling off the crust, it is recommended to use specialized creams and ointments to prevent the formation of scars and scars. (use within a month).
  • We recommend repeated procedures no earlier than 45 days after the first one, taking into account all individual characteristics.
  • Water
  • Calcium oxide
  • Glycerin
  • Zinc oxide
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Triethanolamine
  • N-propanol
  • Benzoic acid
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