M5 BLACK-BROWN mineral eyebrow pigment 15 ml (OPIUM LIGHT) AS-Company™

M5 BLACK-BROWN mineral eyebrow pigment 15 ml (OPIUM LIGHT) AS-Company™

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Pigment for permanent makeup from AS COMPANY

Opium colors light improved version, new colors!

New, premium, patented palette of pigments for PMU

Minerals (brow mineral palette) with an improved and deep formula/


  • Description: deep, rich brown color, reminiscent of a dark chocolate bar. in its purest form, work carefully. because it's temperature is cold. Do not use on cold skin!
  • Base: red-black
  • Temperature: cold
  • For whom: suitable for dark brunettes
  • Mixing: to obtain a warmer tone, we recommend mixing with M4 as well as M5. Can darken any other color except M3
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  • The new opium colors light range takes things to a whole new level.
  • The basis for creating pigments is premium raw materials, the smallest particles; a unique development based on a special recipe from the company as company will allow you to work with ease, obtain rich colors with 100% residue.
  • Opium colors light are unique pigments that have no analogues!
  • The most perfect product to date in the production of permanent makeup paints.
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